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About Smart Guys

Smart Guys Analytics is a full service direct response marketing firm specializing in multi-touch / multi channel programs. Our primary focus is 'massaging the data' and generating the highest possible ROI for your communication programs – and we do this through careful modification of your data leveraging our library of proprietary statistical models.

At Smart Guys we understand that multichannel / multi-touch campaigns requires expertise in a broad series of disciplines. Whether it is behind the scenes managing the network, IT infrastructure and domains; or indirectly with the data generating statistical models along with modifying the data; or directly with clients managing the leads, contacts and sales data, Smart Guys provides staff with direct experience in all these areas.

From a Smart Guys' point of view our objective is to ensure the seamless implementation of all the required technologies and processes to execute your campaigns. Our workflow begins with the consumption of your data and is then rigorously cleansed and "pefected" for downstream processes. Regardless of the campaign we always scrutinize the data through our marketing sciences framework - this is critical since experience has shown certain types of clients have a natural predisposition to a specific channel - and this often has direct bearing on response and/or conversion.  Naturally our goal is to leverage the most appropriate channel understanding the potential gain over the cost of the channel. From data consumption to campaign execution Smart Guys will facilitate your marketing campaign execution.

Smart Guys will develop your strategic marketing plan that includes a "descriptives brief" at the onset of the project that is followed up with our post campaign analytics wizard at the completion of delivery phase. Campaign analytics include descriptive reports of performance and also provide guidelines as to how to maximize profit and response on the next program execution.

Toll Free: 1-855-ANALYTK (1.855.262.5985)

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